Independent tax consultant in South West London

Paul Steward is an independent tax consultant with 35 years’ experience working in accountancy.  Based in Putney, South West London, Paul runs an approachable yet highly professional practice that provides services for individuals, trusts, estates, small businesses and other professionals.

As a sole practitioner without the overheads of a larger firm, Paul is able to offer his services at competitive rates. He is diligent and faithful in providing a high quality of personal service to each client, has well developed people skills and manages his time competently.

Paul is actively seeking new clients with widely differing requirements.  He often takes on complex cases that other accountants find too difficult.  But, he is also at ease with more straightforward cases, eg where someone needs the input of a professional to “get back on an even keel”.  This can be with Personal Tax, which is what he spends most time on nowadays.  Although, he can also help business clients with bookkeeping, Financial Statements, statutory work, payroll, tax and VAT compliance and tax and VAT planning.  Clients have said: ‘You’re brilliant.  I am going to recommend you to all of my friends.’; ‘You actually listened to me.’; “I have got out of my depth and I need professional help to bring my Personal Tax affairs up-to-date.’; and ‘ I ignored the brown envelopes, but I now need your help to take action.’

He runs his practice from an office close to East Putney underground station on the District Line.  It is a short walk from Putney mainline railway station and is well served by buses.  There is an unmarked car parking space available for your use if you drive a car to a meeting with him.

He is aware of the time pressures existing in today’s modern world.  So, he can be flexible in seeing clients outside of standard office hours.  All that he expects if you are seen outside of standard office hours is to make and keep an appointment barring any emergency leading to you cancelling it.

Paul accepts payment for his services by Internet banking, card (in person or over the telephone using a facility at his office), cheque or cash.

Qualifications and experience

Paul has a number of different qualifications and considerable experience that enable him to offer a very broad range of services to his clients. To a large extent he is a ‘one stop shop’ for tax and accountancy services.

Included are:

  • Membership of The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT).  He was admitted in July 1991 after passing a difficult tax exam at his first attempt.
  • An Honours degree in Economics from University College, London.
  • Trained in public practice with a small firm of Chartered Accountants in Esher, Surrey and London WC2 for four and a half years and gained wide experience of financial accounting, auditing, company secretarial work and taxation.  He then moved to a mid-tier firm in London WC2 where he did auditing work and went on a taxation in public practice training course.  Afterwards he went into commerce and then spent some time in industry, financial services, banking and the entertainment sector before finally deciding to move back permanently into public practice.
  • Several positions as Tax Senior and Tax Manager with firms of different sizes, from small practices to the large firm of BDO.
  • Previously writing in the Readers’ Forum section of Taxation magazine to advise professionals on how to solve their clients’ problems from a technical tax perspective and also taking into account legal matters, financial accounting, bookkeeping and ethical considerations.
  • Attendance at conferences, courses and seminars covering most aspects of direct tax subjects, many aspects of the indirect tax subjects of VAT and Stamp Taxes, Financial Accounting, Auditing, Company Law, Personal and Corporate Insolvency Law, Mental Capacity, Executorship and Will Writing.
  • Diploma in Marketing from the Guildford Institute of the University of Surrey obtained by participation in courses taken in 1994 and 1995.
  • There are several other factors that make Paul Steward the ideal choice for tax, accountancy and other services:
  • Since March 2006 Paul has been fully self-employed.  As well as offering generalist tax services he has also specialised in all aspects of the Taxation of Individuals, ie Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, National Insurance Contributions and Inheritance Tax, and also the Taxation of Trusts and Deceased Estates, Estate Planning using Capital Taxes and Pre-Owned Asset Tax Tailored Planning, Will Writing and International Tax issues.
  • Paul also helps small businesses with financial accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, Corporation Tax, VAT, statutory work, data input and administration.
  • Paul sometimes takes on cases where individuals or businesses are in financial difficulties and need intensive care for a period of time.  This can include management of debts, eg obtaining adjournment of a Bankruptcy Hearing in the High Court for tax debts, and counselling re debts.  For companies he is able to facilitate tax efficient restructuring and advise on management accounting and financial management.  He can also advise senior management on how things might run more efficiently.  In addition, he can add insights on leadership, people skills and time management.
  • Paul reads the Financial Times newspaper at the weekend to keep abreast of developments in the world of personal finance and the corporate world.  This includes reading about personal tax developments, activity in the markets, entrepreneurial subjects and current affairs.
  • Outside of work Paul occasionally sings and he cycles to keep fit.  He enjoys entertaining friends for meals which he cooks when he has the time and facilities to do so.  He also reads a lot of books and is involved in his local church.  He retains a sense of humour, which clients generally appreciate to lighten what can be a dry subject.  He is now in his 21st year of Personal Tax Self-Assessment. He has not yet quite found inner peace and tranquillity.  But, he is glad that many of his clients seem to have!