Specialist Services

Paul Steward’s range and depth of experience enables him to offer specialist services that many accountants and tax advisers are not able to provide.

All of the following services are carefully tailored to the client in question, and are delivered with Paul’s high quality of client service:

Capital Taxes and Pre-Owned Asset Tax Planning with Will Writing
He has made a large investment of time and money to be able to advise on these areas.  So, if you want to talk about Inheritance Tax mitigation through setting up Trusts, have concerns about Capital Gains Tax (CGT) if you sell an asset or want to know how the Pre-Owned Asset Income Tax rules might apply to you, then contact him.  He has been on a number of Will writing courses so as to avoid pitfalls.  He also has a Will Drafting textbook, a Wills book and books on Probate and Executorship.  He is up-to-date with Business Asset Disposal Relief and Investors’ Relief for CGT purposes, the reduced rate of Inheritance Tax applying where at least 10% of a net chargeable estate is gifted to charity and the Residence Nil Rate Band provisions contained in Schedule 15 of the Finance Act 2016 (as amended).

International Tax issues
He is available to advise individuals or businesses and has access to standard reference works.  He has much experience with advising personal clients on emigration from the UK, immigration into the UK and expats returning to live in the UK.  He can advise on the remittance basis for non-UK domiciliaries.  He has previously had a reply to a query published in Taxation magazine relating to the UK-USA Double Taxation Convention (DTC) and has commented on other international Personal Tax situations.  On the corporate side he understands the current Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules, transfer pricing issues and has an awareness of how the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) OECD project is impacting UK Corporation Tax domestically and also of the stage that the Multilateral Tax Instrument developments have reached.  If a UK incorporated company is thinking of setting up a branch overseas, then he can explain how the Finance Act 2011 rules work in practice.  Some time ago he advised on the Personal Tax implications of a Managing Director leaving the UK and the international tax ramifications of that on his UK incorporated company.

Tax Enquiries and Investigations
He can advise on a formal enquiry, an intervention or either civil or criminal tax investigations.  He has been on two high level conferences on this latter area, has two textbooks and keeps up-to-date with developments.  He has experience of helping people with the specialised campaigns which HMRC have made available to bring their tax affairs up-to-date.

Completion of form E re divorce proceedings; working with solicitors

Anyone who goes through a divorce knows that it is stressful.  Paul is able to prepare supporting figures and a draft form E if you are in this situation so as to minimise the legal fees involved.  He can also help with ongoing matters during the mediation procedure or court proceedings, eg being a sounding board relating to basic family law considerations, while still obviously “leaving the law to the lawyers”.

Judicial Review
He is able to carry out a preliminary assessment of whether there is a prima facie case to pursue things further with HMRC in the High Court. If there is, then he is able on your behalf to instruct a Solicitor and a Barrister specialising in this area of law within the three months time limit.

Basic marketing advice
Paul has a Diploma in ‘Introduction to Marketing’ from the Guildford Institute of the University of Surrey taken during 1994 and 1995.

Management consultancy
Paul has studied management and can advise on financial management, management accounting, information systems, organisational structure, team building, leadership, people skills and time management.

Administration services
Paul can use Excel, Word and Access computer software packages. He is RSA Stage II qualified in Word Processing and Audio Transcription and has a NVQ Level II in Secretarial Work from Guildford Secretarial College.

If you feel you could benefit from any of the specialist services above, please contact Paul Steward on 020 8870 2323 to find out how he can help you.  Alternatively, please send him an e-mail at paul@psteward.co.uk with your query and he will soon reply to it.